Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sydney (via Blue Mountains) Trip

A few shots from my recently holidays (road trip with the family) through country Home - The Blue Mountains - Sydney - Home

China Bend Winery, Victoria, Australia
This is the view from Chinaman's Bend overlooking the China Bend Winery

Chinamen's Bend - The Gold & Ironbark Trail, Victoria, Australia
"This tight bend along the trail to the diggings became a grave for my fellow countryman. Losing control while negotiating this bend, he and his horse with its cart toppled over the side to their death. Since that day, this bend has been known as Chinaman's Bend"

Winton Wetlands, Hume Rest Area, Victoria, Australia
Rest stop on the Hume Highway heading north.

Railway - Hume Rest Area
One of the rest areas whilst heading north on the Hume

Lookout at Gundagai, NSW, Australia
Overlooking Gundagai from the lookout.

Corella in Flight
A lot of corellas around the Gundagai River Caravan Park that is right on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River

Corella Flying Through Bridge
Coming to land on an old unused bridge in Gundagai the spans the Murrumbidgee River.

Small Falls, Jenolan Caves
This is just off the footpath from the car park that takes you to the main area at Jenolan Caves

Crystal Cities
Crystal cities is found inn the Imperial Cave at Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia. Unfortunately the path to the underground river was closed due to flooding.

Water Dragon
Lots of lizards including water dragons at Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

Govetts Leap, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

Lower Lookout
Govetts Leap, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

Stairs leading up to upper lookout at Govetts Leap, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

I was able to get pretty close to this cockatoo at the picnic area near the 3 sisters lookout at Echo Point

3 Sisters
Echo Point, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

3 Sisters
Echo Point, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia. A lot of people at this lookout.

Jamison Valley
View of the valley the 3 Sisters tower over

Red Wattlebird
Quite nice of this bird to fly up close and land on a nearby branch :)

Wentworth Falls
There is an upper looking for these falls but you cannot really see them from it, lucky there is another path to follow that has a better view. These falls are in the Jamison Valley, Blue Mountains

Wentworth Falls - Lower Lookout
This is the lower lookout with a great view of the falls, took this shot for the awesome rock formations.

Small Falls near Leura Casades

Taken in the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia. It was getting late and the kids over walking so couldn't make it to see Leura Cascades, fortunately these small falls were right near the car park.

Evans Lookout, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia
My favorite lookout, very peaceful and no-one else around!

Between Evans Lookout and The Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens we visited the Zig Zag railiway. We got the steam engine that looks like Thomas the Tank Engine (minus the face), this is where I managed to sprain my right ankle. Just in time for the all day walking planned for Sydney and the hill walking at the gardens show below.

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah is definitely worth visiting.

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah
View from the main building overlooking the gardens

Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW Australia
Looking towards Pyrmont Bridge at christmas time

Maritime Museum
Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW Australia

Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW Australia
Looking towards Pyrmont Bridge

Just a lucky shot at Darling Harbour, Sydney

Chinese Gardens, Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW Australia
Definitely worth a visit and cheap for the whole family

The Gurr
Chinese Gardens, Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW Australia

Willie Wagtail
Chinese Gardens, Sydney

Water Dragon
Blocking one of the paths at the Chinese Gardens in Sydney.

Floss Silk Tree
Never seen a tree like this before, only found the one in the Chinese Gardens in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House
First time seeing these famous structures

Opera House
One of the shells of the Opera House in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
This shot consists of 5 or 6 individual photos stitched together

Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia

Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia

Waterdragon at Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia

Back at Gundagai River Caravan Park


Corella soaring high

No Wings
This corellas wings look to be missing!

Corella taking off
Shame I didn't get this shot to fit in the frame

In the end we did a little over 2200km in the car over 9 days.

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Unknown said...

What great pictures! I cannot wait for my trip to Sydney in the fall! I have been looking up information on Sydney day tours. Any suggestions on things that are a "must" see? Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pictures.