Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shooting birds at 9 fps

This morning I was testing the ability to shoot birds as they flew past. I didn't choose the best part of the day to attempt this with the sun being low and making it tricky to spot the birds coming from the suns direction but I did get a few shots. Camera was in S-AF [MF] mode which is what I'm usually in and set it to High burst @ 9 fames per second (my e420 was capable of 3.5 fps). I set the aperture to f8 to give some room for focus. These shots are with the 12-50mm at 50mm.

Cropped shot of the first frame above this shot. I'm going to need a bigger lens to get some good shots but it looks promising.

Used the tilt screen on the E-M5 for this

Used the tilt screen on the E-M5 for this

Spot Metering instead of average.

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