Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Lonely Shopping Trolley

This morning I spotted a lone shopping trolley in the Bendigo Creek and a shot from the small road bridge wasn't going to cut it so I just down after a quick look at how I might get back up again to get a better angle, whilst down in the creek I took 5 frames bracketed at 1EV to create a HDR image.

Getting out was interesting the walls were looked a little higher then that did from the top. On my second attempt I managed to get enough of my weight onto my hands to lift myself and my two bags (camera bag and sling bag). In doing so I ended up bruising my right palm from small rocks that pushed into it, the things you do for a photo, well the things I do :)

Single exposure of the trolley in the cameras normal shooting mode.

Switched to Auto Bracketing at 1EV and changed shooting to continuous (9fps for the EM-5)

Complete HDR with tone mapping done in Photomatix Essentials 3

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