Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fog glorious fog

When I looked at the weather last night for today I noticed it was forecast for fog until around 9am and I thought fantastic, love getting photos with fog. In the morning it was indeed foggy, a good coverage around my place but in the walk to the bus stop and at the bus stop it was almost totally clear except for right at the end of the road I could see a wall of cloud. As the bus got closer into Bendigo the fog got thicker, getting better and better as I got close to the CBD. When I got off the bus the fog was the thickets I remember, the water particles in the air were easily visible.

These are most of the shots I got of the fog this morning in Bendigo. I started shooting in colour but quickly changed the camera to shoot in black and white to force myself to think in this way.

Crossing the main road was interesting as visibility was very low.

Conservatory Gardens, Bendigo

Bendigo Creek

Rosalind Park

Law Courts and old GPO

Shooting without looking with arms crossed whilst waiting for the traffic to pass.

Bendigo Town Hall, 2nd attempt at this shot, first one had a work truck parked out the front, I was still around when the truck moved on so I snapped a few more without it.

Trying colour as the fog started to clear and blue sky started to show.

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